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What is eastern cape talent?

It is a showcase for the wealth of creativity and talent in the Eastern Cape. From musicians to voice-over artists, scriptwriters and dancers, eastern cape talent aims to highlight the superior quality of artists in the region. It features Eastern Cape actors and actresses, Eastern Cape painters, Eastern Cape authors, Eastern Cape poets and scriptwriters, Eastern Cape bands and singers, Eastern Cape choirs, Eastern Cape crafters, Eastern Cape comedians, Eastern Cape dancers, Eastern Cape magicians, Eastern Cape musicians, Eastern Cape studios, Eastern Cape translators, Eastern Cape voice over artists.

Why have a website?

The website showcasing eastern cape talent is easily accessible by the majority of people in the industry. The website is also the best way to keep all information (contact details etc…) as up-to-date as possible. And feature options for live entertainment as a resource for artists and the entertainment industry as a whole. Event organisers, restaurants etc… can find artists to suit a particular function or venue by reviewing the artist profiles on the website.

Artists can showcase themselves on the website, and use it as a reference point when applying for jobs.

Why focus on the Eastern Cape?

There is an under-appreciated wealth of talent in the region. The majority of the Eastern Cape’s creative energy remains un-tapped because most people seek out “professionals” in the Western Cape and Gauteng. The aim of eastern cape talent is to highlight the superior quality of artists in the region. The Eastern Cape is rich in talent including actors and actresses, painters, authors, poets and scriptwriters, bands and singers, choirs, crafters, comedians, dancers, magicians, musicians, studios, translators, voice over artists.

Other features of the website include:

  • Newsletter
  • Events calendar


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