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Bands - Afro Soul

Usiba Noncwadi (The pen and the book) is a four piece band from Motherwell, PE. The band got together in 2005, September. The band members before that time were busy with other musical/artistic ventures such as visual arts, crafts, hip hop, & poetry, etc. Growing up together and going to the same school, they all showed interest in music and specifically the hip hop genre.
A few years later Ohayv on the vocals and Hodiel on the guitar, both prominent writers at the time, began producing original music, acoustically and even performed live together.
It was not long after that Seemkhai came in (playing djembe at the time) and in 2008, a young man (Seemkhai’s brother), Yahav began playing drums for the band.
They have become one of PE’s most well known live bands.
It has been said that one of their strong points is live performances, one could tell from a distance that they have been performing live for a long time and - as young as they are - they have gathered experience.
They are yet to release an album, but have released two EPs so far. The first was “Sondela” and the second was Dedication[s] and were both sold on the street.
Usiba noncwadi‘s genre of music is “acoustic soul”. This is different form your usual Afro-soul, neo-soul music and even somewhat with elements of jazz (South African).
This type of music sets good moods for all of those that love jazz, soul and poetry. Their lyrics are 80% Xhosa and 20% English, the message is thought provoking, inspiring and spiritual thought. Although there is a huge demand for their music, the group struggles with distribution and putting it on the shelves, and as well as not enough marketing. For all the audiences and those that have heard their music, they Love It!
Usiba Noncwadi has dedicated themselves to composing, writing good music for the people, their dedication and determination has had them spoken of nationwide. Wherever they go their reputation precedes them. This band only needs to be put in front of people and their music will take care of the rest. This is something fresh, alternative and new, this is something South Africa has been waiting for a long time

The Band Members

Ohayv – vocals piano, Hodiel – acoustic, recitals & bass,
Seemkhai- Acoustic, vocals & Yahav – drums.

Previous performances:
  • 7th Annual Metro Fm awards 2006
    The band was the opening act/performance at this prestigious event@ The ERPFU stadium on the 25 November 2006
  • Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2006
    The band played inbetween the poetry competition recitals, they opened and closed both the events @the SABC2/SA Lentswe poetry project on the 1 7 2 July 2006
  • SABC Performances
    SABC: Live transmission of the Annual Report Announcement for 2006 by Dali Mphofu. @ the SABC offices, conningham rd.
    SABC: SA vs. England @ the centenary hall on the 20 October 2007
    SABC: Siyanqoba campaign: South Africa vs. Angola @ the St Georges strand beach on the 24 March 2006.
    SABC” Launch of Project moribo awareness programme @the SABC offices 2 may 2007
  • Motherwell Urban Renewal Programme
    1. We played background music for the local community at the _European fund handover with the Mayor Nondumiso Maphazi @ the Motherwell shopping centre on the 4th of July 2006.
    2. Opening Ceremony @ Umhlobo Wolwazi community centre on the 07 September 2007.
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
    Jazz on the square @ the market square on the 6 January 2007
    Vodacom splash festival: jazz on the lake on the 8 April 2007
    Summer season (New Year celebration) at the hobie beach on the 31 Dec 2007.
  • Cadbury Family day
    We were one band entertaining alongside karaoke and DJ that were entertaining the families at the event @Cadbury offices on the 29/30 September 2006.
  • Boardwalk performances
    _Dinner with the premier Nosimo Bhalindlela @ El Greco restaurant on the 7 August 2007.
    _The Home grown Hip Hop and soul @ the Vodacom amphitheatre on the 19 May 2007.
  • Steve Biko Foundation 30/30
    We were the live band for the evening @ the Opera House: the Barn on the 09 September 2007.
  • Usiba Noncwadi live in Concert performances_@ the Opera House: main stage on the 08 December 2006.
    Live @ NMMU: south campus auditorium on the 29 August 2008.
    live @ the opera house: the barn. Live recording of debut album “ncwadification.alive”
  • NMMU Sharp Magazine live performance
    NMMU Conference centre on the 23 September 2008
  • Department of Social Development performances
    Heritage day celebration on the 26 September 2008 @ the protea child care hall. Forest hill.
    @ the social development offices @ place of safety on the 09 August 2008.
  • Usiba Noncwadi live recording of their debut album called “Ncwadification 2008” on the 22 November 2008.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Bands - Afro Soul

Contact: Unathi

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cell: 084 443 8630

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