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Companies - Event/Artist management

After seeing a need for support systems for local artists, a group of young people led by Odwa Mngini established Mngini Productions in 2009. “We realised the talent that lies beneath the dusty streets of our township and we knew we needed to make a difference.”

The organisation aims to bring about change within the performing arts, drama and sports disciplines. Mngini Productions is working on creating and identifying a market for performing arts and developing and training artists with potential.

We want Mngini Productions to “be a home for art lovers, business and life,” says Odwa.

The organisation uses various strategies to ensure sustainability including musical workshops, training and expos, media gigs, drama workshops, marketing, management and organising and workplace placements.


Provide a multi-cultural network for performing arts, entertainment, and a platform for art media and the public.


To help enhance, develop and uplift the talent of artists so that they can become self-reliant; and create a socio-economic network for our fellow South Africans.

Organisational Activities:

We focus on the following music genres:

  • Gospel music
  • Traditional Dance
  • Opera Music
  • Accapella
  • Hip hop

We focus on the following performing arts:

  • Poetry
  • Dance (various genres including gamboot dancing)
  • Drama
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Events Hosting

Target Market

Youth and up-and-coming or unrecognised artists, media, funders, government, national annual events and all institutions related and linked to arts and entertainment.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Event & artist management

Cell:  073 363 2777

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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