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Bands - Jazz

VuDu started as the brainchild of bassist Alec Mackay in 2009 when he saw the opportunity for a band to perform at the Radisson Blu Hotel which had recently been built in Port Elizabeth. He approached the best musicians he had worked with to form a quartet to perform jazz standards at the hotel restaurant. Then called Blu Notes, after an impromptu performance at Cape Town's famous Green Dolphin restaurant, the band landed regular gigs at the hotel and played at various other private and corporate events.

The shackles of playing background music, however, had to be broken and with the name change to VuDu came a metamorphosis in sound and character. The original compositions written by the band members led them in a new direction while still staying rooted in jazz tradition. Their sound has grown to be more modern and smooth yet primordial and dark.

VuDu is now in the process of recording, writing new material and performing in and around Port Elizabeth.


Sisanda myataza was born in the Transkei. She proceeded to attend then Kaffrarian Girls High School, now Kingsridge where she joined the primary school choir marking this her first musical milestone. She moved to East London at the age of 12 where she joined the youth band. In later years she would go on to lead worship in the youth band and church. In 2005 she was awarded the title Vincent Park Singing Sensation Award, which allowed her the opportunity to be the opening act for the Kei Mouth Festival. In 2008 she formed the band Mike's Kitchen with friends, including fellow bandmate Kristo Zondagh.

The band did, however, not see commercial success. In early 2009 Myataza was approached by Alec Mackay to feature as lead vocalist in his band, the Blu Notes (the name was inspired by an impromptu performance at Cape Town's famous Green Dolphin restaurant). The ensemble went on to be the resident band at the Radisson Blu hotel. In 2010 the band changed their name to VuDu, following a progression in their sound.


Virgil started his music career at the age of 12. Learning by ear he developed a skill to catch tunes fast and re-harmonising them when he felt the need. He began his professional piano training at the age of 14.

After high school he went on studying music at the University of Stellenbosch where he developed his love for composition. After some unfortunate difficulties Virgil moved back to his hometown, Uitenhage, and is currently continuing his studies at NMMU, Port Elizabeth. Virgil's love for jazz developed in Cape Town and performed with a number of artists in and around Cape Peninsula. Combining composition with his jazz performance, Virgil wrote a number of works which he performs with collaborative artists. Virgil is looking forward to doing his masters degree in composition and arrangement.


Alec Mackay grew up in Somerset West, where he became interested in music from a very young age. He took music lessons in keyboard all through primary and high school, with music as a priority in all his work. At the age of 15, he started teaching himself bass guitar and guitar. He completed his Grade 8 Rockschool bass guitar exam in matric at the age of 18. After school, he moved to Port Elizabeth and enrolled at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to fulfil his dream of studying music. In 2010, he travelled to England where he studied at Keele University for 6 months under a university exchange programme.

Alec is now a 4th year music student at NMMU, majoring in Music Technology with bass guitar and double bass as his primary and secondary instruments respectively. He recently joined a local orchestra called the Paz Consort led by Keith Moss, and performed alongside local jazz pianist John Edwards in Making Inroads, a classical and jazz collaborative concert. He also recently joined the Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra as a double bassist. Apart from music, he also enjoys the technical side of things - he has a keen interest in electronics, and has for many years enjoyed live and studio sound engineering.

Alec's style is expressive and free, and he loves to manipulate the tonal and technical possibilities of his beloved fretless basses. He is influenced by jazz artist such as Carlo Mombelli, Marcus Wyatt, Jaco Pastorius, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, and John Scofield, as well as contemporary funk and rock musicians, not to mention his many years of traditional classical music tuition.


Kristo showed a keen interest in music since infancy. His musical talents where discovered when he started playing notes on the piano and singing with. His first performance to a large audience was at the age of 3. He took up percussion at age 11 which eventually became his main instrument.

His love for jazz was ignited when he joined the Alexander Road High School Big Band. Since then he has played for many different bands of different genres ranging from classical to rock to jazz. He obtained a distinction for his Grade 8 Trinity exam in drum kit but also has a plethora of informal experience, both of which inform his sound.

He currently plays for The 13th Floor (Alternative) and has been a member of the Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra since 2004.His playing is energetic, dynamic and emotional showing years of experience and maturity.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Bands - Jazz

Telephone: 074 179 4622. Kristo Zondagh (bookings)

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Facebook: (page)
or search “vudu jazz band” (group)

Twitter: @vudujazz



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