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Singer / Songwriters - Male Vocals

Based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the Stuart Reece Band is an adult contemporary / pop, soft rock band with an easy listening and sing along style.

The band was formed in November 2010.  Stuart Reece was in the process of recording his “Leave this town” EP when he sought the talents of Wesley Keet, Barry Killian and Devon Van Rooyen. After a successful recording session and an even more successful EP launch the band decided to stay together and pursue the dreams they all shared; conquering the music industry!

The band features Stuart Reece on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Wesley Keet on keyboard and backing vocals. Barry Killian plays bass while Devon Van Rooyen takes care of drums and percussion. 

Their music has a laid back feel, with catchy vocal melodies, drawing inspiration from artists like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and John Mayer. They also enjoy the musical talents of The Beatles and Oasis.

While their easy listening style has attracted a variety of fans, from teenagers to the elderly, the Stuart Reece Band target 20-40 year olds.

According to Stuart Reece, his inspirations include:  “Love lost, love found. The mysteries of life and the lessons I’ve learnt thus far.  Artists like Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Cold Play, John Mayer and The Beatles are all inspirational to me in the way they tell stories in easy listening songs that we can relate to our lives. If I can put out music that does the same and capture memories for people in song I will feel I’ve accomplished what I need to do in this lifetime”.

In November 2011 the band will be heading into the studio to record a full length album. Recording will be done at Drop n’ Roll Recording Studio. Studio owner, Bryan Mclagan and band member Wesley Keet will be heading up production on the album.

The new album will be launched in February 2012 when the band embarks on a nationwide tour.

The band’s future dreams and aspirations include becoming a full time touring band “We want to play for all the different people in all the different cities and towns across South Africa” says Stuart, “and hopefully across our borders too”.

Ultimately, they aim to tour internationally with Europe, Canada and the UK being at the top of their bucket list.  The Stuart Reece band is constantly churning out new songs and plan on recording new music until they see their dreams fulfilled. 

“We all share a great love and passion for music and that’s what will carry us through as we walk the long and treacherous roads of the music industry”.  – Stuart Reece

The Stuart Reece band has played alongside many popular South African acts. Namely; Farrell Purkiss, Meri Kenaz, Jesse Clegg, Tony Cox, Steve Newman, David Knowles, Robin Auld, Southern Gypsy Queen, The Cotton Fields, Taxi Violence and The Modes.

They also boast play listing on the following radio stations;
  • Algoa FM - Love Song and Call the Doctor
  • M-Power FM-  Love Song
  • East Coast Radio- Love Song

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Bands-contemporary, rock

Management: Keri  Martens   - 082 366 3258

Find more info about the band on the following social media sites:

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