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Walton Mbonda is an innovative Xhosa Poet who started writing at an early age. He is influenced by everyday life experiences as well as a passion for his mother tongue, isiXhosa.

Although he has written before, he did not have the resources to publish his works. However, in 2011, Mbonda published his first poetry book entitled “UmbongoWembongi” (Poem of a Poet).

The book consists of 50 poems such as “ Vuk’ Uzenzele” (Rise and Act), “ Urhwaphilizo” (Corruption), “Ugawulayo” (HIV AIDS),  “Imfundo” (Education), “Usuku Lwamalungelo Abantu” (Human Rights Day), “Usuku Loomama” (Women’s Day) and many others.

Mbonda seeks to showcase challenges and developments that South Africa is facing including social degeneration and politics. He is also passionate about the preservation of the African language by the current generation.

Poems like, “Ubundlobongela” (Crime), “Ukwakha Isizwe” (Nation Building), “Ulwimi LwesiXhosa” (Xhosa Language), and “Ukuvulwa KwePalamente” (Opening of Parliament) all bear testimony to his passion.

He was the winner of regional competition, 2010 Fifa World Cup Language Policy, organised by the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture. The winning poem was “Ukwakha Isizwe”.

Walton Mbonda’s routes come from the Eastern Cape town of Grahamstown. He is a religious minister at “The Living Ambassadors of Christ Church”. He is a loving father and is married to Buyiswa Maseti.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Poet

Cell: 083 634 7841

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