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Pumelelo Antony

Writer of isiXhosa and English poetry, Pumelelo Antony is passionate about the arts and hopes that one day his work will be compared with the likes of Eskia Mpahlele, Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Chinua Achebe and Sipho Sempamla.
Pumelelo graduated from Marymount High School in Uitenhage, South Africa. He obtained post-matric qualifications in Education at Vista University.
Pumelelo began writing poetry while he was still in high school, and during his tertiary education he became a member of a number of different writing associations including the Congress of South African Writers (COSAW). He later joined the Bhala Writers Guild, a national writers’ organization. According to Pumelelo, the Swii Arts Amendment, established by writer, Monde Ngonyama helped to enhance his writing skills and interest through workshops for all artists.
Pumelelo acknowledges the important role of his friends and mentors, in his career. He describes Mzi Mahola and Monde Ngonyama as “constant motivators” in his writing.
Pumelelo has published 11 of his poems in various publications and released his first anthology in 2009. Entitled Isimbonono, it can be found on the shelves of Nelson Mandela Bay’s twenty two libraries. The anthology features “twin” poems – the isiXhosa version next to the English version.

Published poems:

  • Senseless aren’t we? (Shattered Pillars: Poetry Institute for Africa)
  • Kiss of death (Angels and little scrolls: Christian Poetry Association)
  • Forgive me, Son! (Trials and Tribulations: Poetry Institute for Africa)
  • Would you have known? (NMBay celebrating 10 years of democracy)
  • Yiza! 2010 Yiza! (NMBay celebrating 2010 Soccer World Cup)
  • Mama wam (Echoes Literary Journal)
  • O! No! Uitenhage O! No! (Echoes Literary Journal)
  • Senseless aren’t we? (Echoes Literary Journal)
  • Isimbonono (2009, Anthology of twin poems, ECPACC)
  • Yiyiphi le ke ngoku? (2011, A Xhosa Novel: Centre for the Book)
  • Ubuvuvu namampunge (Anthology of Xhosa Short Stories)

Forgive Me, Son (Poem by Pumelelo Antony)

Son! In this hospital bed, I’m worn
Don’t you see tear tracks on my face?
Like a ragged ravaged teddy, I’m torn,
Don’t you notice my smile is out of place?

Son! I’m a rotting raisin at sixty,
But still, I know not how to say it,
Seeing you; your son’s at forty,
And yet, I’m unable to confess it.

Son! How do I really tell you
That all about your father is amiss?
How exactly do I comfort you
When all I say of him is just a bliss?
Son! Sorry! Sadly! He isn’t your father,
Somewhere you truly, sincerely have another!

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Poet


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Pumelelo Antony
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