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Company Background

Striding Arts is 100% African driven company under the directorship of Mzimkhulu.Mpepo and Simphiwe Vikilahle and was formed on the 20 February 2008. Its establishment came after a long voluntary contribution of the two in the development of arts in the Nelson Mandela Metro and its outskirts communities realizing the need for the engagement in projects that will enhance participation in arts activities to discover and foster talent particularly in Theatre.

Striding Arts is seeking to develop arts in every theatre field namely: Drama, Poetry, Dance and Music. The company will work with every artists, groups, theatre companies and organization irrespective of colour, race, gender or geographical location and the structure of its formation.Strinding Arts Theatre will mainly produce a number of theatre works and training workshops on the already mentioned theatre fields bridging the gap between unskilled and skilled artists.

Simphiwe Vikilahle - Writer/Director

Simphiwe started acting in 1992 in Cowan High School. After a year he was approached to join the group called Voices of Pain. Since then he featured in plays, most of them were protesting plays. The fall of Voices of Pain made him to join other group called P.E Youth Theatre, were he worked with Dr Winston Ntshona doing a play called “Ubuntu” Simphiwe attended the writing workshop conducted by Prof Roy Sergeant that was his birth to writing.

Simphiwe started working in schools, Newell High School was the first school where he was developing young idols in acting. Second year he was involved in Qaphelani High School doing same thing. For Qaphelani he wrote a play called “Two Eyes of the Bird” and that play took first place in GM South Africa competition and he received an award of best original script writer. In 2007 Simphiwe was chosen to work with director Mark Lloyd from an over-seas theatre Company, Tap Root Productions and his British team to bring a new story.

He didn’t hesitate to write “The Journey” and the play was performed in Opera house, Grahamstown Festival and later toured Eastern Cape. Next year 2010 the play will tour England. His vast experience and skills in theatre emerged in many ways and that was writing and directing.

Simphiwe is currently working on a new play based on a traditional story called "The gift from the stones." The play will encompass music, dance and physical theatre.

Mzimkhulu Mpepo - Directorship and Management

Mzimkhulu Mpepo is a founder and a leading figure of the company. He graduated with Public Management and Administration (ND) from Port Elizabeth Technikon and also studied Arts Administration in Palm Springs Consultants.

Mzimlkhulu Mpepo has been the director of Striding Arts since its inception. He has guided the careers of some of today’s leading performing artists while also identifying and nurturing young artists of tomorrow. He was awarded a Best Actor award in 1994 CAPAB Drama School Competition in the Eastern Cape Region.

Simphiwe Mzimba - Business Associate

Simphiwe Mzimba started his career with the local drama groups as early as 1994 whilst he was also involved in drama society in his high school life. He has been involved in rather famous protest theatre production at that time “Crisis in the Classroom” which was performed in the Opera House in the early 90’s.

Simphiwe has also been involved in industrial theatre on an Aids Awareness Programme with Goodsam Theatre where a large number of companies has worked with them with good review and recommendation. In July 2005 he was selected by the Dept of Arts and Culture to attend a four days theatre script-writing workshop conducted by one Professor from Artscape, which has been a big eye opener also in the light of theatre in general.

Simphiwe Mzimba is presently a business associate for Striding Arts Theatre Productions.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Scriptwriters

Physical /Postal Address: 1812 Befile Street,
Site and Service, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth, 6205

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Business Associate: Simphiwe Mzimba, 083 7486 640

The following pictures are scenes from Simphiwe Vikilahle's award-winning play, Two Eyes of the Bird. It won the GM Schools competition award in 2007 and Simphiwe won the award for Best Original Scriptwriter.
2 Eyes of the Bird

"Often when a show has been work-shopped and thrown together in a matter of days, it shows, but the professionalism of local actor Monde Wani and his British counterpart Alex Elliott makes this concept work." - Leon Muston

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