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Bands - Rap / Hip Hop

GINO, born Gcobani Nomanyama in 1980, was raised in the streets of New Brighton but moved to Motherwell in 1989 to stay with his mother and three siblings. At the age of 12 years he was introduced to Hip-Hop by a friend who gave him a mix-tape with a variety of underground emcees and, as they say, the rest is history.
GINO found his talent when he realised he could memorize over 500 words a week. His peers were so impressed, and insisted that he should establish his own group and start to write his own lyrics.
In 1993 his first crew was formed, they were called Da SAHNZ. In 1995 the MOP G was established. MOP G consisted of four groups; Da MONEY CHASERS, BOMB PLANTERS, UnTOUCHABLES and of course Da SAHNZ. They performed in almost every cipher they could find, entering competitions like the 1995 Coca Cola Talent Search held in NU 2 Motherwell (where they came second place), the Shell Road to Fame  in 1996 and in numerous self organised shows around Port Elizabeth.
The group collapsed in 1998 when most of the members entered matric. In 1999, GINO formed BRADAZ formally known as SAKULUTSHA BRADAZ A.KA. ESBIZ, who were famous for their Xhosa lyrics and flows. A year later he considered a solo project.
In 2001, after he won a competition with his first solo track “Umama Undazi NdingengoTsotsi” (produced and recorded by MIC G at UPE Studios), he was introduced to the airwaves and listeners fell in-love with his music. This was evident when he was voted and stayed in the CB FM’s (now known as Bay FM) Top Ten for the whole month.
In the same year, GINO led ESBIZ to the Love Life Sakhulutsha Youth Centre’s (SYC) auditions for a music group to work with the centre to musically preach the Love Life messages and they won. They toured the country with Love Life and spread the message and the BRADAZ then became known as SAKHULUTSHA BRADAZ to give them relevance to the Love Life Sakhulutsha Youth Centre.
Towards the end of 2003 he met up with MY MAN and formed a collaboration known as ISIKOLI and recorded a track called “AmaXhosa Afikile” produced by Lutania in New Brighton.
In December 2003, he met up with Premilla, a female entertainment journalist who invited him to Urban Connection Platforms in Parliament Street in P.E. This night club was to become GINO’s home ground where, for the next six months, he smashed unprepared and prepared emcees back to back with his unique Xhosa rhyme technique, until he was crowned by his peers and followers as the King of AFRO. He called his flows African Fundamental Rhythms Only (AFRO).
In 2004, after he finished a leanership in Music Business Management with MAPP SETA he joined the Street Vibes better known as INEVITABLE RECORDS who introduced him to MXO, SGEM 1, and BIG NUZ and to Base to Base Studios in Johannesburg. This was the beginning of GINO’s series of highlights.
After a gig with ABANTU, SENSITIVE and other Mthatha emcees at UNITRA in 2008 GINO decided to open up his own mini recording studio and started producing his own music and later released his Mix Tape (God Is Number One Reloaded) independently. In November 2008 he met up with his business partner and decided to start their own record label.
In 2009 Starborn Records was established. In 2010 GINO released his first independent album titled “That’s Why” under his own record label. He performed in a number of gigs promoting his new material including performing at the Fan Zones during the 2010 World Cup. This helped him win back his fan base locally. The album feature MXO and CIA and was produce and recorded by MXO at his home studio in Johannesburg.
In 2011 GINO is releasing a triple disc album of 50 original tracks - first time ever in the South African Hip-Hop scene. The album is mostly produced by Gino himself and features his colleagues at Starborn Records and some other up and coming local artists.
GINO is no longer just a rapper but also a record producer and a businessman. He has a number of up and coming artists signed under his company. These include FISH EAGLE, which has a single out already called “Andililo Isela” playing on radio stations right now, SKILLO and of course his all time group ESBIZ to name but a few.
GINO is the first emcee to rap in isiXhosa in Port Elizabeth. He tried out this style of rapping (which he calls AFRO) after hearing BAFIHLILE around 1998 rapping in their home language and realised the possibility and potential of rapping in your mother tongue. In the beginning AFRO was ridiculed as kwaito and GINO was denied any opportunity to perform and participate in ciphers because of his music style. But in 2003 after realising the growth of this music’s popularity among fans emcees like DON FELLON better known as DANGATYE and THE PERISHER better known as ABANTU wanted to learn to rap in isiXhosa as they used to express themselves strictly in English, and AFRO has ever since gained momentum.
GINO, a rapper, record producer and record label owner is currently in the studio finishing up working on his triple disc album of 50 original tracks.

  • 2004, Knockout Summer Tour with MXO and SGEM 1 in P.E.
  • 2004, GINO versus DANGATYE at Eyethu in P.E.
  • 2005, the Metro FM Car Wash in P.E.
  • 2005, the CKI Summer Event at Nahoon, in East London.
  • 2005, the RASA (Rap Around South Africa) Tour, in Johannesburg.
  • 2006, the Metro FM Awards After Party at New Brighton Beach, in P.E.
  • 2006, GINO versus DJ BONGZ in Queenstown.
  • 2007, three of his songs featured as background tracks in a local drama TV series Tsha-Tsha on SABC.
  • 2007, the Xhosa Nostra Tour, Benoni in Johannesburg.
  • 2007, the Hip-Hop Sprite Final at Garden Square in Johannesburg.
  • 2007, GINO featuring MY MAN and RHYME SQUAD at the ZONE in Johannesburg.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: bands / musicians / hip-hop

Cell: 072 453 7901

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