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The Terrible Twinz

Jarcques and Junant Petersen, the “Terrible Twinz” grew up in Schauderville in Port Elizabeth’s Northern Areas South Africa. As a community largely affected by the implementation of the Group Areas Act of 1950 which was an integral part of South Africa’s racial segregation agenda,  this is a community is faced with many socio-economic challenges. Despite the difficulties faced in this community, many Artists especially live bands, were prominent during the 1960’s and 1970’s. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s new groups such as the Beat Box Jammers (BBJ’s) and Signal emerged on the scene doing Hip-Hop and R/B respectively.
Both these groups played an integral role in the evolution of Port Elizabeth’s music scene and their performances were special because they were the ambassadors of a community with many social ills. With the advancement of new technology in terms of music production, a new breed of artists emerged in the early 1990’s which included the Terrible TwinZ.

Who are the Terrible TwinZ?

The Terrible TwinZ as they are known started writing and performing Afrikaans rhymes since they were only 5 years of age. Historically they can be classified as the first Afrikaans MC’s from PE’s Northern Areas. Growing up in a typical working class community, they started to express their views and shared the realities of gangsterism, child and substance abuse, HIV AIDS, and poverty in their day-to-day live performances largely on the corners of Schauderville streets, and at school. They were soon known for their talent and as biological twins represented a unique brand of Afrikaans-Rap Music in Port Elizabeth.
Their originality in style as well as lyrical content were later more visible when they participated in the recording of  an independent album as part of the group Unauthorised in 2000, which was one of the first albums to be produced by Vincent Fraser of Phat Lady Studio's  in Young Park at the time. This was also a first for P.E’s Northern Areas Afrikaans Rap trajectory. The number three track on the album called “Nommerdronk” in which the group articulated the need for the youth in particular juvenile prisoners to abstain from gangster lingual and the culture associated with prisoners in terms of numbers or “Nommers”, became very popular. Junant Petersen is the writer of the song which brought to the fore the uniqueness of Afrikaans lingual in P.E’s Northern Suburbs of the predominantly coloured community.

Contributions to the Afrikaans language
According to Deon Maas who hosts a popular show on Radio Sonder Grense (Maas op Maandag), the word Nommerdronk is an Afrikaans term never heard before, proving that already as far back as 2000 as part of Unauthorised, the Twinz have Revolutionized the Afrikaans Rap Scene not only in the Eastern Cape, but throughout South Africa. There has therefore been a substantial contribution to the development of the Afrikaans language, which sadly has gone unrecognized so far.
Importantly, the utilization of Nommertale or gang lingual has become a dominant feature amongst “so-called Coloured” youth in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth and the Cape Flats, where so called drug lords and gangsters have become the role models of the youth due to their glamorous life styles and access to the finest material possessions. Jarcques Petersen wrote the song “Wil nie Agter bly nie” in which he tells the story of a young juvenile prisoner who regrets his actions and who desperately wants to get out of jail. Their contribution to Afrikaans Hip-hop culture so far is highly measurable to be categorized as pioneers, highly respected by their peers.
Having experienced and performed on many platforms such as the National Arts Festival, Klein Karoo Kunste Fees (KKNK), Fokus met Freek on SABC 2, and Castle Loud on SABC 1 as part of the group Unauthorised, the Twins are ready to take their music career to a higher level. Therefore, in acknowledging the unique stories of the people of the Northern Areas of P.E. and the many difficulties they face daily, their lyrical content reminds us about the social fabric of the People after 16 years of democracy,  where poverty breeds, and the future seems a distant dream.

The Uniqueness of their Life Story
Their life story represents a true reflection of young talented twin brothers who grew up in difficult times, without parents from a tender age, on the streets of the Schauderville community. A community often misrepresented and its youth misunderstood for the reality that even against all odds and the irriversable damage caused by the previous dispensation, that there is hope for the unemployed youth in the form of Afrikaans Hip-Hop Culture.  Their lyrical content also represents the struggles in the music industry, the high level of exploitation and empty promises, and lack of support for talent in our community.

Growing up “Life was difficult”

Having been brought up by their late grandmother after their mother passed away at a tender age, they had to cope with the extreme reality of a highly gang infested community. However, over the years they consistently advanced their art through performances and recording, gaining the respect of their peers as the most talented Afrikaans Rap outfit South Africa has seen. Lately, they were also devastated when they realized that the man they embraced to be the father, shared the reality that the known abouts of their biological father was unknown. To add to the tragedy he sadly passed away when they were imprisoned for alleged robbery leading to the brothers not being able to attend his funeral, only for the case to be withdrawn a few weeks later.
Despite these challenges, they remain optimistic that South Africa would someday recognize their gift and unique brand in the performing arts.

SA's Got Talent

Recent participation in South Africa’s got talent elevated the group to the Semi-finals of the competition, providing the opportunity for the rest of South Africa to judge for themselves on SABC 2. Indeed, South Africa, the Terrible TwinZ has arrived.
The Twinz have worked with one of P.E's most loved son's, Singer and producer Andre Mackay who is based in Schauderville Port Elizabeth. They have already recorded a number of tracks of which “Skarrel” and “DeeDeeCee”, produced by Andre Mackay, and “Ma” and “Ek’s nie ‘n Boer nie ma ek Rock” produced by Vincent Fraser are only a taste of what's to come. After much conflict in the P.E. Afrikaans rap scene, the Twinz have also recorded the Change Song featuring Earl Agemi MC and Andre Mackay from Chapter Three, to bring about peace by sending out a more positive message to the youth. The track was produced by Vincent Fraser.

Arts Activism and Community Work
The Twinz are also hosting regular Arts and Culture initiatives in their community as part of their arts activism for a better future. With the little they have, the youth is treated and inspired to showcase their talents for the rest of the Community.  These events are often attended by hundreds of young people who are hungry for participation. The Twinz have also committed to do motivational speaking at schools and to work closer with Community Based Organsations.

Jam Sandwich
The TwinZ would be appearing on the exiting SABC2 Documentary Series, Jam Sandwich. An opportunity to provide South Africa with some greater insights about their daily lives. The unique story about these two amazing twin brothers from the Port Elizabeth ghetto should not be missed. The release of the track recorded for this purpose on the Jam Sandwich Album later this year is an achievement which would go down as a first for an Afrikaans Hip-Hop artists or group from the Eastern Cape. A defining moment, as such opportunity sets the foundation for greater things to come.
The Group wants to exploit this opportunity to advance further appearances on TV and to perform at next year’s SAMA Awards in order to introduce their music to their peers in the South African Music industry. They further believe that the time for a formal recording deal has arrived. “We will use all avenues to make this a reality because we are well known and surely our music would provide the South African Market with a unique brand of exiting Afrikaans Hip-Hop”.

Continuous efforts are being undertaken for a formal recording and distribution deal both locally or internationally. Heinrich Van Rooyen (Manager) has been instrumental as a business partner to ensure performances, traveling arrangements, and stage co-ordination.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Bands: Hip Hop artists

Mr. Heinrich Van Rooyen + 27 84 441 9634  / Mr. Branton Jonas @ Cell: +27 73 239 8854

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Junant Petersen

Jarcques Petersen

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