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Creative Noise is a locally brewed studio specializing in Music, Recording; Speech and Drama.

We produce top-quality audio recordings in an energized environment
and focus on unearthing and training physical, interactive and powerful performers as well as training and facilitating capable and hands-on sound technicians.
Our Aim is unearthing and showcasing our students while creating opportunities within the arts, developing our community and providing a platform for top local talent.


All lessons (instrumentals and vocals) are charged at R100 per lesson and are once a week.
We offer Music classes as well training in various spheres of theatre such as Musical theatre and Speech and Drama.
Students can train with the purpose of completing exams – or join just to MASTER AND HAVE FUN!

Music Training

We offer the following :
  • Vocal Training
  • Keys : Piano & Keyboard
  • Guitar : Electric, Acoustic and Bass
  • Drums
  • Saxophone
  • Bagpipes
  • Clarinet

We train our students to become creative thinkers, confident multi-skilled performers and prepare them for the performing arts industry. Our students are showcased throughout the year, from music evenings, to competitions, auditions, corporate performances and talent evenings. We aim to produce top talents who will pursue careers within the arts and in time have the world at their feet.

We offer two types of Music courses :

Performing course :
  • This course is more fast-paced than the exam based course, but one does not complete and exam.
  • We train performing musicians in different musical styles and genres.
  • Vocalists work as a solo artist and are also introduced to and trained in how to sing with duet partners ; trio’s and group work.
  • Instrumental students are also introduced to performing with vocalist, additional instruments etc.
  • We do music-theory in this course, however this is not as comprehensive as with Exam courses.
  • Vocalists learn how to move with songs, how to use the stage, and also work with engineers whom teaches them mike techniques etc. (Performing preparation).
  • Throughout the performing course we do progression recording, where we record the student’s progress at last lesson of every month.
  • This also teaches students how to work in a recording studio environment and with professional sound engineers.

Exam Based Course :

  • The vocalists are put through the London Trinity College Singing Examinations.
  • Students start off with the Graded examinations and can continue up to a Diploma level.
  • This course not only requires practical examinations but also theoretical examinations.
  • Through this course we solely concentrate on the Exam-based work.

Progression Recording for Vocal and ALL Instrumental students :
We are proud to be the only music studio within the Eastern Cape that offers our students progression recordings.

As part of our music progression reports our vocal and instrumental students are recorded during the last lesson of every month. This is done so that students can gain confidence by their development as well as learn how to handle themselves in a professional studio environment. During these recordings, our sound engineers will work with students on studio etiquette such as mike techniques; working with engineers; co-vocalist interaction etc.

Please note that these are raw recordings and are done solely for the purposes of monitoring their development. Should a vocal student wish to record a single or demo this can be done at a special students tariff.

London Trinity College Examinations :
Examination students are enrolled into the acclaimed London Trinity College examinations, a qualification that is recognized globally. Trinity Guildhall’s grades & diplomas provide a scheme of assessment in a range of performing arts disciplines such as Performing (Drama), Musical theatre and Instrumentals at comparable standards to higher education studies.

Creative arts training courses : (Grades and Diploma’s).
Speech and drama
Musical Theatre

Voice examinations :
Singing examinations.

Instrumentals : (Grades and Diplomas).
Guitar – Acoustic
Guitar – Electric
Guitar - Bass


Creative noise hits the floor running at the beginning of the year planning productions and music showcases.

Arts Festivals & Platforms where we have participated :
  • Grahamstown National Arts Festival
  • Ikhwezi Theatre Festival (Cape Town)
  • GM High school festival. (Port Elizabeth)
  • Musho Festival (Durban)
  • Cape Town Jazz Festival
  • Burger Bay FM Singing competition
  • The Savoy Theatre – Music evening
  • Red Location Museum Auditorium (Port Elizabeth)
  • The Boardwalk (Port Elizabeth).
  • Port Elizabeth Oprah House (Port Elizabeth)
  • The Playhouse (Somerset West)
  • Northern arts Festival (Port Elizabeth)
  • Samsung Soapbox

Music Evenings :

We have a music evening in the month of May and a gala evening during the month of October where our students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and receive confidence as young performers.

We also provide platforms for our more advanced students, marketing them to perform at events, corporate, festivals and various functions.


Our teachers are all qualified within their field of Music, and are all active within the Performing industry.

Standing from left :
MARTIN – Drums, KURWYN – Vocals and Performance preparation, GRANT – Electric & Acoustic Guitar, LEROY – Sound engineer & Keyboard, Front left : MARIZANE – Vocal teacher, YOLANDE – Piano, Vocals and Drama. Absent : NICOLE – Saxophone and Bagpipes, XOLANI – Drama, JODY – Bass Guitar.

1 Hour lessons :

The duration of a lesson is 1 hour. As we want to achieve as much as possible in that hour, we kindly request that students are at the studio 15 minutes prior to their lesson to warm-up, whether on instruments or vocals.
Always bring all your backing tracks and Lyrics with, not only the one we are currently working on.

Payment :

Payment is made one month in advance. We send an sms and Invoice during the week of the 25th of every month regarding fees, the fees then have to be paid by or on the 1st of the every month. No exceptions will be made. Kindly keep to this agreement as late-payments results in teachers not receiving their full salaries on the 1st.

Should the student for whatever reason miss a lesson, the lesson must still be paid for as their slot remains open. A student is very welcome to make up their lesson when the teacher has an opening. If however the studio cancels a lesson due to e.g. performances etc we shall refund the student for that lesson.

Class times :

Classes run from Mondays to Fridays.
All classes will run during the school holidays .The studio will only be closed on some public holidays and for 3 weeks during December.

Do’s and Don’t’s for Vocalists :

  • DO bring a bottle of water with for your lesson – the water must be room temperature, not from the fridge!
  • DON’T eat or drink products containing the following at least 2 hours before your lesson :
    Milk based products such as cheese, chocolates, milkshake; Coffee or Tea containing sugar or milk; Sweets such as liquorish; Gummy-bears etc.

What to bring with :

  • Bring a homework diary for homework.
  • Bring a flip file for practical.
  • Bring a separate file for theory notes.
  • Bring a CD case for your backing tracks.
  • Wear comfortable flat shoes. (Vocalists)
  • Bring your own microphone. (Vocalists)


Creative noise has a full service recording studio dedicated to providing artists with excellent quality audio in an affordable and high energy environment.

Creative noise is a full service recording studio dedicated to providing artists with excellent quality audio in an affordable and high energy environment.

Our sound engineers push the boundaries of music to provide you with top notch recording, mixing, editing, production, and mastering services in every genre of music.

Creative noise can also provide back-up singers and musicians sourced from the top teachers and talents trained by our studio. Should clients have the need, we can also compile an artist port-folio, which includes: motivational letters, professional photographs, CV, audio clips etc.

Our studio consists of the following :

Recording equipment:
  • 1 x Teac 15 Tascam series 24 channel in-line consol desk
  • 1 x Signex cp44 Isopatch patchbay.
  • 1 x Tascam PB-32P patchbay.
  • 1x Behringer ultrapatch pro patchbay.
  • 1 x T.C electron Gold channel preamp.
  • 1 x M-Audio firewire 1814.
  • 1 x M-Audio keystation 49e.
  • 1 x Presonus Fader-port.
  • 2 x Samson CO2 condenser microphones.
  • 1 x Samson kick-drum microphone.
  • 2 x Audio-technica Snare/Tom microphones.
  • 2 x Audio-technica Kick/Tom microphones.
  • 1 x Samson CO3 Condenser.
  • 1 x Shure PG58 Dynamic mic.
  • 2 x Samson Q7 .
  • 2 x JTS mics.
  • 2 x Event studio monitors.
  • 1 x Line 6 UX1.
  • 1 x Line 6 Spider 3 150W head.
  • 1 x Bugera 4x12 cab.

Tracking Programs:

  • Pro-tools m-powered 7/8
  • Cubase SX3
  • Reason 4
  • Wavelab 5

Please contact the studio for a pricelist for recording.




  • Live sound mixing
  • Sound engineers (monitor mixing / front of house / recording or broadcasting or cue mixing).
  • Set-up / Strike of show
  • Technical Rehearsals


  • Cables (XLR, Jack-Jack, RCA, Speacon).
  • Cables (Core, screen, capacitance).
  • Microphones (dynamic, condenser, pickup patterns, handheld, shotgun, rifle microphones).
  • Microphone techniques.
  • PA system, (active, passive)
  • Limiters
  • Compressors
  • Graphic EQ
  • Crossovers
  • Power amps (series, parallel)
  • Loud speakers
  • Mixer / sound desks
  • Flight cases


  • Waveforms (sine, saw tooth/ramp, triangle, square)
  • Amplitude
  • Frequency
  • Wavelength
  • The human range of hearing
  • Noise
  • Octaves
  • Frequency range of instruments
  • The transmission of sound
  • Superposition of sound
  • Modulation
  • Boundary effects

  • The human ear
  • Threshold of hearing

  • Budgeting.
  • Quoting for an event.
  • Time-lines
  • Branding yourself.
  • Promoting and Marketing
  • Event management
  • Music organizations and obtaining legal rights

  • Rooting
  • Recording programs
  • Acoustics
  • Equipment
  • Computers and Tracking Programs

  • During the last 2 weeks of the course, students will be asked to run a technical program as part of their practical evaluation.


Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Studios / Teachers

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cell: 073 887 0676 / 083 654 9879

49 Albert Road
Port Elizabeth

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