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Gezlah Gazette is a poet and hip hop artist. Born Ntsikelelo Solani on May 15th, 1983 in Kwalanga, Uitenhage, this young street poet and hip hop artist grew up in  Motherwell township.

His poetry that is both true itself as well as to the Xhosa spirit of this very individual, who carries the torch for those seeking knowledge, humour, ideals about freedom and humanity in their native tongue of isiXhosa.

This multi-linguist has a sliver tongue that also wrangles poems even in the universal English tongue.

His name G.E.Z.L.A.H. Gazette is an acronym:

Getting    Eternal     Zest          Laid         Against     Hell

Gazette is an official journal, a printed sheet published periodically containing notices and in Gezlah’s case, the state of humanity from his point of view. Thus when put together, Gezlah Gazette means that his life is a heavenly outlook.

A brief look into the history of this artist will show that even though he started writing poetry at an early age, he only recited his poetry live for the first time in 2004. It was then that he founded the Black Thought Movement.

Further adding to his credits is the release of his EP entitled, Making Ends Meet: Positive Thinking, which to this day has managed to independently move more than 100 copies, led by the single “Uthand’ekasi”.

The single has been played a number of times on national radio and Gezlah has had a number of interviews about the art of poetry and that of community involvement.

Gezlah Gazette is also heavily involved in his community in the works of Youth in Action and Elements of Hip Hop.

The former is a programme aimed at mobilizing the minds of the young as well as giving them a chance to share their knowledge/ world views in a constructive environment. The broader idea is to develop underprivileged schools through social consciousness and community service, all the while giving artists a platform to express what they have.

The latter is a monthly event in Celebration of Hip Hop Culture. It brings culture and artists to the people as well as uniting DJ’s, beat makers and various artists under the umbrella of Hip Hop.

He is currently selling his music via phone (bluethooth) and promoting his single RHABULA APHA UNGAFINCI.

Gezlah has finished his long awaited L.P and continues to roam the streets of Port Elizabeth, constantly increasing his knowledge and further perfecting his craft.

Distributor or not...government backing or none, expect even greater things!

Click on the play button below to listen to two of Gezlah's latest tracks. These are subject to copyright laws:


Uthando Ekasi:

Find him on:

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Poet and Hip Hop artist

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cell: 078 582 1469

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