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Gift Buqa has starred in a number of Eastern Cape productions and came second in the Market Theatre artist development competition. He was recently honoured with the Best Actor award for the 2010 ABSA Fugard Festival which took place in Nieu Bethesda in September 2010. His role was as Sam, in Master Harold and the Boys.
Growing up in Walmer Township, Gift Buqa never had the opportunity to have a formal education in drama and acting, however his natural talent earned him prominent roles in a number of plays. He decided to pursue a more formal theatre education about three years ago, and approached well known Port Elizabeth drama coach, Sharon Rother for help.
Buqa’s long time friend and acting partner, Phambili Ngcayisa had heard about Rother through a friend. “Phambili’s friend was a gardener for a lady whose daughter attended drama classes with Sharon Rother. We decided to approach her for help with getting formal acting classes and with starting a drama school in the Walmer Township,” says Buqa.
Rother was delighted to help, and since then the Isthatha (a pin point of light in the darkness) drama school has been opened to offer a creative outlet for township children who have never had the opportunity to be involved in the arts. The school is temporarily situated in an abandoned school building in the township, and currently offers lessons to 30 eager youngsters. Buqa’s long term vision for the school is to establish an informal theatre in Walmer Township.
Buqa and Ngcayisa have also been in a number of Rother’s  productions including the widely acclaimed Master Harold and the Boys. Buqa played one of the leading roles as Sam, the wise and world-weary ‘father figure’ to Master Harold.
Buqa has a special connection to Fugard’s plays, and considers Fugard one of his greatest inspirations. “I met Athol Fugard when I was just a youngster,” says Buqa. “We met through mutual friends and actors. He was very supportive of our ambitions to be actors and gave us free tickets to all of his shows at the Opera House. That was about 25 years ago now!”
Buqa is also currently studying towards a drama teacher’s qualification, and in November 2010, he will be doing his first Trinity Guildhall Drama exam.
When not pursuing his first love of drama, Buqa is working on a photo collage, documenting life in the Walmer Township.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Port Elizabeth

Category: Actor


Tel: 072 518 9084

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