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Professor Menzi Meshack Minsie Duka is the son of Mr Keke Kaizer Duka and Mrs Nodathini Eunice Duka. He was born in Cradock. His wife is Apostle/Dr T.D Duka of the Holy Trinity Ministries International in Queenstown.

Prof. Duka has functioned as an educationist, political activist, unionist, church leader, author and poet. He is a linguist who writes in isiXhosa and English. It is at Cradock Bantu Secondary School where he started writing poetry and short stories. He continued this hobby when he was studying towards matric (Form 5 / Grade 12) at Lovedale College from 1966 to 1967. From 1968 -1967 he trained for a teaching diploma at Lovedale College, where he obtained an Education Diploma in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He has several qualifications including Advanced Labour Law Diploma (NMMU), SED (Vista), BA (Unisa), BA Honours (Fort Hare), MA (Cum Laude, Unisa), DLitt at Phil (Unisa). His research was in Modern Literature Theory Studies and African Literary Studies. He evolved nascent African Literary theories ( Ubuntu Literary Theory and Intsomi dream theory). He translated some of Professor Saule’s academic work into isiXhosa as commissioned by the Department of literature at NMMU. He trained budding authors under the Department of African languages at Fort Hare.

He taught in various schools in the Eastern Cape as a post level 1 teacher, Head of Department and Deputy Chief Education Specialist ( EDO, School inspector). In 1988, whilst he was the head of department at Funda High School, he trained at Leeds University, in England, in modern methodologies of teaching Natural Sciences. Afterwards, under Science Education Project (SEP), he assisted schools in science teaching. He co-founded Motman High School, which is situated between Queenstown and Whittlesea. On the 24th September 2018 this school and its community will hold a ceremony of acknowledging Professor Duka’s contribution towards nation-building and education development.

He founded Cradock Writers Association

Through it he trained and developed budding authors. He did this at Vusubuntu Cultural Village which is now called Vusubuntu Cultural Lodge. However, through the Cradock Writers Association he was also the prime mover for the establishment of Vusubuntu Cultural Village. He was a board member of this Institution.

As a community leader played a sterling role as, the chairperson of the Eastern Cape Chapter of African Renaissance (ECCAR) which was part of the South African Renaissance (SACAR). Prof Duka is one of the founders of the Eastern Cape Chapter of African Renaisance (ECCAR) which was linked to the South African Chapter of African Renaissance which was championed by President Thabo Mbeki. ECCAR was led by Prof Duka. This movement led African renewal within the Eastern Cape.  Duka, as the chairperson, presented papers on how to develop African Communities through the Ubuntu Development Model which could be called Autonomous Development Model.

Member of various boards & committees

He also became a member of Eastern Cape Language Board, Eastern Cape Literature Exhibition Committee, Chris Hani SANCO Executive Committee, Chris Hani SACP Executive Committee, Whittlesea ANC Branch Chairperson, Bhala Writers National Executive Committee (Deputy Chairperson) and SADTU Whittlesea Chairperson. He once became a member of SADTU Border Provincial committee.


Professor Duka has undergone intensive research in the disciplines of Theory of Literature Studies (formalism, structuralism, poststructuralism) and Modern African Literature Studies. He is a linguist who writes books both in English and IsiXhosa.

The following publications are to his credit. Ibetho (poetry), Ubusi (short stories), Amavo obuntu (Essays), Imidlalwana enencasa (Drama), Iingqwebo Zoluncwadi Lwanamhlanje (A critical analysis of isiXhosa Literature – novel, drama, essay, poetry, short story, novella).

He has co-authored literary publications such as :  Isihobe seAfrika 1, Isihobe seAfrika Entsha 2, Isihobe seAfrika Entsha 3 and Isihobe SeAfrika Entsha for schools.

He represented academic and semi-academic papers. At Berlin Walter Sisulu University Campus,  during SEK Mqhayi conferences, he presented papers such as Autonomous Development. He also presented papers during some occasions organized by the Department of Arts and Culture.

He also delivered some education papers to principals in the Cradock Education Districts. Also during some African Renaissance seminars or conferences he delivered paper. As an apostolic teacher of the Holy Trinity Ministries International he organizes or organized seminars or conferences to deal with some biblical aspects.

Some of his literary works appear in the following publications:

Intambanane (poetry), Vukani Kusile (poetry), and others. His literary productions are of use to African Scholars for further researches in various domains such as ANC ideologies in isiXhosa literature. He has assisted a number of post graduate students towards attaining their respective senior degrees.

Professor Duka, as part of his love for literature and as a keen researcher of a black struggle in South Africa, he published first complete biographies of James Arthur Calata (2011) and Matthew Goniwe (2018)yet. Some of his literary works are found in the main libraries of tertiary institutions such as Fort Hare University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Cape Town, Rhodes University Cory libraries and others.

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Duka is also a trainer of Christian Leaders in a centre which he founded in Queenstown

In Christian leadership in partnership with some international Bible theology Colleges. He is an Apostle in Holy Trinity Ministries International and an EXCO Member of the national councils of this church and Trinity International Bible University (South Africa) respectively.This institution of learning awarded him professorship during 2017.

The publishing company, Shutter & Shooter has commissioned him to compile and write IsiXhosa Dictionary in which isiXhosa words are explained and described in IsiXhosa. This is his latest published work after Matthew’s Biography with the title Mathew Goniwe on a South African Frontier: A community history of an African Revolutionary. He delivered a national speech speech during the Matthew Goniwe Memorial Lecture on 10 May 2018 in Johannesburg at  SABC Auckland Park where he showed the relevance of Matthew’s views or ideas or ideals for the 21st Century Education in South Africa. Duka worked with Professor Van Niekerk and Dr. Cornelius Thomas of Rhodes University towards the publication of this biography.

Contact Details:

Province: Eastern Cape

City: Cradock

Category: Xhosa Author and Poet

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cell: 065 197 2289 / 083 497 1872


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